Botrytis cinerea mutants database

Gene identities of Botrytis cinerea published mutants

Botrytis cinerea mutants database @ INRAE

Botrytis cinerea, the grey mould fungus, is a plant pathogen with a necrotrophic lifestyle causing serious pre- and post-harvest diseases on a variety of plant species worldwide.
For recents reviews, see Hahn et al., 2014 ; Schumacher, 2017 ; Veloso and van Kan, 2018

An increasing number of mutants has been generated and published in the past years.
This database handles identities of the inactivated genes according to their different annotations in :
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Mutants can be retrieved according to the id, usual name, function of their targeted gene, or publication items (Query)
A complete list of mutants is available (Complete list)