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Botrytis cinerea B0510 and T4 referent gene ids

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Botrytis cinerea, the grey mould fungus, is a plant pathogen with a necrotrophic lifestyle causing serious pre- and post-harvest diseases on a variety of plant species worldwide.
For recents reviews, see Hahn et al., 2014 ; Schumacher, 2017 ; Veloso and van Kan, 2018

Several referent genome annotations have been released in the past years :

This database manages reciprocal hits between gene ids in the different annotations.
It handles up-to-date functional description and usual names. See also the bioinfobioger portal
A link towards the Botrytis Mutant database is provided when available.

Genes can be retrieved according to their id, usual name, function (Query) , and modifications can be submitted
A complete index table of BcinB0510 against other gene_ids is available for download (Download)
Useful links are provided (Links)